Joint treatment and prosthetics

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Highly skilled and experienced medical specialists in orthopaedics and traumatology perform surgeries using modern treatment methods and technologies. Medical specialists provide urgent, planned, and remote consultations, and perform surgeries in patients with musculoskeletal disorders. The surgeon and patient agree on the time for the surgery.

Book an appointment at an appropriate time in Latvia or an online consultation from home. If you have planned a surgery, go to a modern Northway Surgical Centre in Klaipėda with top-quality rehabilitation at Gradiali, a medical SPA hotel near the sea.

Markas Fiodorovas

Orthopaedist/trauma specialist

Professional experience since 2004. The doctor performs more than 650 surgeries every year. Main fields of interest and professional activity: common knee joint disorders (meniscus, tendon, cartilage tears, and injuries); shoulder joint (instability, rotator cuff injuries); elbow joint disorders (loose bodies, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation); ankle disorders (cartilage, ligament injuries), and minimally invasive treatment methods (arthroscopy).

dr. Algimantas Cebatorius

Orthopaedist/trauma specialist

Has worked at Klaipėdos University Hospital since 2007. He performs approximately 400 surgeries every year. Author and co-author of many scientific articles and papers. Co-author of a coursebook. Organizer and speaker at international and national scientific conferences.

Arthroscopic Surgeries

The benefits of arthroscopic surgery on the joints are obvious: the diagnostics and treatment are performed via tiny incisions, the tissues surrounding the affected area are less damaged, the wounds heal quicker and the patient returns to active life in less time. Modern and constantly improving medical equipment helps to achieve even better results. Today, at Northway Surgical Centre, almost all surgeries on joints are performed via tiny incisions, except for joint replacement procedures.

  • Duration of surgery – up to 1 hour;

  • Patients are discharged home on the same day;

  • Rekomenduojama minimali reabilitacijos trukmė – apie 10 dienų.

Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgeries are often classified as one of the biggest achievements in current medicine. Nowadays, joint replacement surgery is undoubtedly one of the most effective surgical interventions in the medical and economic sense. Joint replacement surgery is becoming a standard medical procedure. Aging causes damage to joint surfaces due to loss of elasticity and the restoration capacities of cartilage. Joint replacement surgery (transplantation) is a modern, safe, and effective treatment for this disease.

  • Duration of the surgery – approx. 2,5-3 hrs.;

  • Staying at the in-patient department – up to 2 days;

  • Minimal rehabilitation recommended – approx. 10 days.


  • In person consultation by an orthopaedist/trauma specialist in Latvia – euro 60

  • Online consultation by an orthopaedist/trauma specialist – euro 35

  • Second person consultation by an orthopaedist/trauma specialist in Latvia – euro 60

  • Second online consultation by an orthopaedist/trauma specialist – euro 35


  • Joint replacement (2 days at the Day Surgery Center) – euro 5500–7500

  • Shoulder arthroscopy  – euro 1805

  • Elbow arthroscopy (chondroplasty) – euro 1725

  • Elbow arthroscopy – euro 1525

  • Arthroscopic synovectomy of the elbow – euro 1720

  • Reconstructive ACL surgery – euro 1900

  • Arthroscopic surgery on the ACL with iBalance plate – euro 2835

  • Knee joint arthroscopy – euro 1120 - 1580

  • Knee arthroscopy (reconstruction) – euro 1900

  • Hip arthroscopy under general anaesthesia – euro 1560

  • Arthroscopic synovectomy of an ankle – euro 2040

  • Removal of loose bodies from the ankle joint – euro 1970

  • Arthroscopic chondroplasty of the ankle – euro 1970


The standard price for a double room for Northway patients during treatment at the health resort hotel – 139 euro/day

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